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Party Food

Party Food Everyone Will Enjoy

Often the same types of food can be served at any party. It is the presentation that makes a difference when you party follows a particular theme. Of course some parties lend themselves better to certain foods than others. For a dramatic centerpiece to your food table you can have a cake that clearly indicates the theme of the party.

In order to allow the host and hostess to enjoy time with their guests and not spend the entire party in the kitchen, foods that can be prepared ahead of time are best. Cold foods will be fine for summer parties but winter parties may require that some hot foods be served. These can be sat on warming trays to keep them from going cold. Ideally the host and hostess should be able to check on the buffet table periodically and bring out a fresh tray of food before returning to their guests.

Casino themed party foods can consist of finger foods. Serving buffet style is the easiest for the host and hostess to manage. Typically guests at a casino night party like to wander around therefore small items they can be put on a plate and walked around with are best.

For a casual casino night mini pizza bites are a good choice. Sandwiches, crackers and cheese, stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs and other small finger foods are best. Don’t forget items for the sweet-toothed guests. Chocolates, cookies, cake pops and cup cakes and the like will be easy to carry on a plate. A cake can also be served if for a special occasion such as a birthday. This could be square and made to look like a dice.

For sports-themed parties hot dogs, pigs-in-a-blanket, pizza bites and chicken wings usually are very popular and easy to make and serve. Add a variety of dipping sauces and most guests will be catered to. If planning a cake think in terms of something that clearly depicts the sport theme your party is planned around. A football shaped cake is easily made and decorated. A soccer ball cake is also a fairly easy cake to make and decorate.

Halloween parties are a lot of fun to prepare foods for. Using the black and orange theme typical for a Halloween party makes a food buffet table look really colorful and fun. With a little food coloring and some imagination you can turn everyday snacks into Halloween snacks. Cookies shaped as bats or Jack o Lanterns are fun. A cake made to look like a haunted house may be ambitious to create but will serve as a stunning centerpiece for your buffet table.

For those who are creative making pretty and fancy edible items from fruits and vegetables can be both fun and make wonderful additions to your food table. Let your guests know that the items are intended to be eaten and not purely for decoration.

No matter what the theme of the party, before the main buffet table is laid out it is wise to have snacks available for guests to nibble on. This is particularly true if there is alcohol being served as food will reduce the effects. Chips and dips, pretzel sticks and the like will help prevent drinking on an empty stomach while guests wait for the main food to be ready.