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About Us

Hey there, party hosts and hostesses.

Let us introduce ourselves to you. We are Debbie and Carl, a fun-loving couple in our early 30’s and we love to party! We like to travel the world and enjoy partying all around the world.

We met in High School at a party of all places! Our relationship started with us arguing over what the critical features of a really good party are. Over the next few weeks we ran into each other numerous times at parties and began scoring how good the parties we had been to were. It became obvious to us very early on that we had definite ideas about what it took to take a group of people, some food and drinks, and good music of course, and turn it into a night to remember.

We graduated High School the same year and though we both had thoughts of going on to study at University we decided to begin a how-to website that told visitors what they need to throw a really good party. Before long it became obvious to us both that this was what we wanted to do full-time. University plans got put aside and we became amateur party planners!

We want to give you the best ideas and guidelines on how to plan your party, choose the right decoration and best location for your event.